• Academico buys and sells academic and scholarly non-fiction, Poetry, Literary Criticism, Art and Archaeology, Henry David Thoreau, the West, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Linguistics, Photography, Baseball, Natural History, Americana, Signed Literature, Alchemy, Occult, Philosophy and much more...


  • Our mission is the preservation of cultural heritage through books, maps and other works of fine art. As antiquarians, we enable academics to conduct their scholarship with the necessary materials. Over the last decade, we have purchased collections ranging in size from 50 to 100,000 books: providing logistic strategies, transportation options, manpower, and qualified supervision. We are committed to accurately describing books, using standard bibliographic and rare book terminology in an effort to effectively market them online. We have developed strong relationships in the antiquarian community with ABAA members Edward Hoffman, Nicholas Potter & William Dailey, regularly serving as professional mentors. Through our consignment program, we have built a network of collectors and book dealers that rely on our expertise to adequately price, catalog, store and ship their books. We are always interested in discussing the books you might like to sell, consign or just brag about.